Living in the Moment

On Friday, we got together and simulated some of the social fun we might have enjoyed if we were together physically with an online scavenger hunt contest. It was hardly a substitute for the real thing, but the effort felt worthwhile. Last week would have been the time when, after working hard and saving all […]

No Good Options

We have been reading Alan Gratz’s Refugee (Scholastic, 2017) together since mid-November, and expect it to wrap up this month. There are days we read and then I shut the book for a moment to discuss both the details of the story and the history behind it, and there are days I shut the book […]

The Power of Partnership

Partnership is a key ingredient of what distinguishes life at Miquon from many other schools. One central partner relationship is between families and teachers. Another is between teaching partners within classrooms and across grade band teams. Classroom teachers and specialists partner around curriculum year-round and during conference weeks especially. The partnership I am focusing on […]

In the Loop

Pollyanna  by Kemper Pollyanna is a gift exchange that takes place right before winter break. it is a tradition to celebrate it in Diane and Sarah’s ⅚ class. This is how Pollyanna works: everybody picks a name out of a hat and they can not tell anybody that name. (That person is their Pollyanna.) We […]