And We’re Off!

Aside from the mid-90’s temperatures, stifling humidity, and torrential downpours, what a lovely week it has been! Of course, one of the best things about Miquon is that we always feel in touch with the outdoors – even when tucked away indoors.

The campus burst into life this week, and so did our classroom. Much of our first week together is spent establishing systems and routines and getting to know our space and each other. Room tours, tutorials on washing the dishes, and making labels for containers and sections of the room help with that. We have already made many important decisions, including revising the pizza sale menu and deciding upon classroom jobs and the number of young people assigned to each. The group has also been alphabetizing the classroom’s fiction collection to make individual books easier to find, and if group members are interested, they’ll have an opportunity to paint the bookshelves next week.

We conducted quick interviews of one another, then used the experience to explore a famous mathematical question (more often described as the “handshake problem”). We’ve been drawing personalized cover pages for the portfolios we’ll be building during the year. And we have taken the first steps in creating hand-sewn books, a project which Amy will be joining us for over the next couple of weeks.

Most exciting of all, children seem to be rediscovering old friendships and reaching out to find new connections. Such a spirit of openness bodes well for the year ahead!