Through the Eyes of Students September

(Ed.: What follows is group members’ perspective on their lived school experience over the first month of school. We plan to bring you these views every 4 – 6 weeks, so that you can see life in our group through the eyes of all of us — adult and child.)

This September we have all been enjoying ourselves and others while in choice. Choice is where you have free time to do whatever you want, just to have fun and a break from the  classroom and learn about friendship and trust. Choice is a time where everyone gets to go outside and play. During choice people play tag, soccer, basketball, and other fun sports.

This is a photo of kids climbing the red playground.
This is a photo of a group of kids playing All Campus by putting their feet in to decide who’s it.
This is a photo of a group of kids playing All Campus by putting their feet in to decide who’s it.
by Alden, Jakob, and Mateo

The Miquon Book Club

By Maggie

At the Miquon library, the 5th and 6th graders have a book club where we meet once every month to talk about a book that we read.

This month, we are reading a book called The Jumbies, (by Tracey Baptiste) which is about a girl who is not afraid of anything, and she thinks The Jumbies, who are Caribbean mythical creatures, are just something parents made up to frighten children. But on Halloween, she chases an animal called an Agouti into the woods and sees yellow eyes following her. Could Jumbies be real?

The kids in our class and Lynn and Mark’s group will find out this month. We will meet on October 29 to talk about the book.



5 & 6 Grade Book Groups
by Finlay and Jules

This year in the 5/6 grade we have been doing book groups. There are 4 groups in our class. The first group is Winnie the Pooh, next is Peter Pan and Wendy, after that comes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The last one is Little House on the Prairie.

Each book group has a discussion about the book every week. You talk about what happens in the book and the characters. Each group has a teacher. We meet to talk about the book every Thursday.

Pizza Blog Entry
by Julia, Miles, and Andrew
Ranch dressing for veggies

Pizza order example


These are some of our pizza sale items! We have just started, and every other week we alternate with Lynn and Mark’s group between hoagies and pizza. We have pizza partners. We make our own brownies. We have just started selling sausage pizza instead of pepperoni pizza. So now we sell 5 different kinds of pizzas: plain, white, bacon, sausage, and tomato pie.

You can also bring money on Friday to buy snacks. Everyone has a option to buy pizza if they want. Our snacks are: veggies, fruit, hard pretzels, popcorn, and brownies.

Our pizza sale money helps pay for our end of the year trip. Don’t be afraid to leave a tip!

Portfolio Covers
By Ethan, Matthew, Ifeanyi

In class we made portfolio covers. On them we drew things that we like, and also things that explain our personalities. A lot of people in our class like sports, Youtube, and The Voice, so a lot of them put those on their  covers. This lasted about two weeks because a lot of people did complicated designs on their covers. Portfolios are binders that  we put our work in. At the end of the year we take our portfolios and fill them with things we have done over the year.

Here are a few jokes, inspired by the homophone work we have been doing:
When did Irish potatoes change nationality?
When it became French Fried.

Image result for french fries clip art

I got my report card back to day.
They are below sea level.

What did the detective peanut say to say to his assistant nutcracker?
“Let’s crack this case!”

Image result for animated cracked peanuts

If you can tune a guitar,
you can definitely tuna fish.

Shared by Cole, Nahla, and Ma’at