Through the Eyes of Students – October

Our Amish Study

by Ifeanyi and Estella

In Diane and Jeri’s class, we have been studying the Amish. In early October, we started researching Amish traits in different groups. We used books, websites, and even a movie to get our information.

We also took a field trip to Lancaster. In Lancaster, we went to different places that the Amish were involved in — like farms, in-home businesses, and restaurants that were all Amish-run.
We finished researching in late October. Once we were done, we put all the note cards that we had written the information on onto bigger pieces of paper.

We then connected the notes into sentences and began to write them on our google docs . We are currently doing BAEs (using the same process, ed.) but we also continue to study the Amish.


By Maggie and Julia

On October 30th we had our annual Halloween parade. Everyone has an option to dress up in their Halloween costumes.  We saw some awesome and festive Halloween costumes. Masks  and weapons  are not permitted…

We walked around on the wood chip field to show off our awesome costumes. We also had a surprise play by the teachers and staff members. Overall, we had a great Halloween.



By Alden

UNICEF is an organization that helps kids around the world. This October in the 5th and 6th room, we have been donating money to UNICEF. Our class has been donating money to Unicef so that families in need of help will get the help they need. The way we have been donating money to Unicef is that we’ve been giving out UNICEF boxes to the whole school. We also organized an assembly for UNICEF so that the whole school would know about it.

Grandparents Day

By Ethan

Every year at our school we have an annual Grandparents Day. Our grandparents or special friends (if  available) come to our school and hang out with us from 8:30-11:00.  First, when all of our grandparents came in and sat down we all talked about the idea of home, by sharing memories of a past home they have had or a memory from when they were younger. At 10:30 we went with our grandparents and gave them a small tour of the campus. I love Grandparents Day because my grandparents get to see a tiny bit of our school so they know about it.

Life Skills Presentations

by Andrew

Our 5th and 6th grade class have been making presentations and the first one our fifth grade class has done is Life Skills.

The life skills project is a thing we have to do over three weeks. The three examples I will show the reader are two things that two of us (one of them is mine) did. The two examples are shopping and babysitting. I chose shopping. I practiced going to a store, making a budget, planning a menu, and making a meal.

Maggie, a fellow 5th grader, chose babysitting, and she reported on taking care of a neighbor’s baby. I wish I could record this, but I wouldn’t be allowed to record the presentations because it would give out private information.


5th and 6th  grade Book Group Presentations

by Zach

After we finished book groups, we did presentations in our classroom to show what happened in the books. Just by coincidence, we all had one thing in common: we did a play. During the weeks before our presentations, we planned, talked about, and rehearsed our plays.

Pottery Wheel

by Jules

In art, our subject this month has been the pottery wheel. Every person gets about four turns, and everybody has a coach. If you are doing something wrong, your coach tells you what to do. Then Anne will put your pot in the kiln. When it’s done, you take your pot and either use underglaze or regular glaze. Then Anne puts them in the kiln a second time and — wala! — it’s done.

The Hobbit

by Nahla

This year in Diane + Jeri’s class, Diane is reading “The Hobbit” to us from eight thirty to nine every morning except for Wednesdays and Fridays. She is reading “The Hobbit” to us because it relates to home in many ways, and this year we are learning more about the meaning of home. She is also reading it to us because a lot of people in our class enjoy the book, including Diane herself.

“The Hobbit” is about a group of dwarves and one hobbit (which is a dwarf without a beard) who go to a mountain to find a dragon. They want to find the dragon because he has completely striped a region of its material glories. This town is the town that the dwarfs all lived in, and the dwarfs feel the right to reclaim all of the gold and jewels. The hobbit, who comes from a family that does not approve of adventure, was persuaded along by a wizard that also accompanied them for some time. The wizard, who planned to leave near the end of their adventure, wanted Bilbo the hobbit to come so that when Gandalf (the wizard) left, there would not be thirteen people, which is an unlucky number, on the adventure.


by Matthew

This year photo day was a little different than usual. The day the photographer was scheduled to come but it was pouring, and we couldn’t take the photos because the pictures are usually taken outside on the bridge leading to the office. The photographer didn’t want to come all the way to Miquon for nothing, so he had classes have pictures taken in the afterschool building with a coral colored background that I didn’t really like. I was kind of disappointed that he chose our class to have the picture taken indoors. I feel that it’s my last year and I wanted my last school picture to be with our normal background, on the office bridge.


by Ma’at

For the fifth and sixth grade November through December project, we have working on BAEs, which means Become an Expert. We are studying about any part of southeastern Pennsylvania. It can be a person, place, or thing. In order to do this project, we need to fill-out a sheet that will instruct you to list at least two websites that give you essential information, two books that also provides essential information, a video or film about your topic, and a field trip that you will be going on for the topic you are working on (interview, magazine and artifact are optional). We must fill out two of these sheets and then start the process:

  • Start taking notes from websites and books. (Nov. 9th-13th)
  • Continue research. (Nov. 16-20)
  • Final week of research. (Nov. 23-27)
  • Write draft of BAE report. (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)
  • Revise and edit. Prepare presentations. (Dec. 7-11)
  • Whole group presentation (Dec. 14-18)


By Jakob And Cole

For a while we’ve been having mini-courses. Mini-courses are smaller classes that do something of a teacher’s choice. For instance, there is a soccer mini-course where we get together after assembly on Friday and do things related to soccer. There is usually a variety of mini-courses.

In mini-courses we learn about things that we do not typically learn about in class. For example, there’s a card game mini-course, or a code minicourse. In code mini-course, we learn different codes by solving them or making them. We use famous codes or make our own codes up. We do them to help learn about stuff we would not usually cover in class.

Terra Nova Test

By Miles

This November, we took the Terra Nova test. It is the first standardized test we take at Miquon. It includes questions from these subjects: math, science, social studies, reading, and language. We tested three times a day — at nine, eleven, and one o’clock. Each of the three tests were 30 to 55 minutes long.

Sixth graders get a harder test than the fifth graders, but you can’t write in either of the tests. If you had extra time to finish the test, then you would test in the break-out room. Everyone else would test in the main room. When you are done the test, you can check your answers or read. If you want to read, you can bring a book from home or you can get a book off the shelf.

Every test has about 50 questions. When Diane gives out the pencils, the room has to be completely silent. Diane gives us rulers and calculators for the math tests. Once Diane and Lynn are done grading, we will get to know our scores. The scores 12 and 3 is not very common, 45 and 6 are average scores and 78 and 9 are also not very common.

Nursery Buddies

by Mateo and Finlay

This year for 5/6th grade we will have nursery buddies. So far, around every 3 days, we play with them, We play on tire swings, slides, and run around in the nursery playground so we can make a bond with younger kids.

Header image by Valerii Tkachenko (Autumn Tuileries Garden Paris) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons