Through the Eyes of Students – November and December

Pioneer Day

By Cole and Ifeanyi

Our class went on a field trip to Crefeld’s Pioneer Day. We did many things, including: making butter, knitting, playing old-fashion games, making rag dolls, watching people blowing glass, woodcutting, seeing and petting chickens, and making bread. There was food and bagpipes. For lunch we had turkey, cornbread, chicken soup, and apple cider while listening to live music – the bagpipes and drums. We played games like jacks, marbles, and pick-up sticks. We also got to see how the pioneers dressed and talked. In all, Crefeld’s Pioneer Day was fun.

Water Wheels

By Maggie

We are seeing what energy is in the water wheel that is making it move. We got small cartons with plastic spoons, and there is a generator that is helping the spoons spin  to help us understand how energy could move more like a water wheel. Finally, we are doing this experiment with the water wheels to help us begin our  study of electricity in science.



Coding is just one step out of many steps to learn how to develop and fully create video games, and soon might become popular with such games like Minecraft. Some coding sites do not use the most recent and up-to-date coding program, but hour of code uses the best coding program called JavaScript.
JavaScript is the most up-to-date and fastest program for basic coding. The class started with a Star Wars theme and toyed with it for a little while, while in the process we learned how to spawn puffer pigs and stormtroopers when getting mouse droids and some of us finished. How this works is by using JavaScript as told in part 2. Hour of Code is found on this link and is free.

Hour of code time takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. Computer Science Education Week is from December 7th to December 13th, but you can host an Hour of Code all year round. Hour of code is an organization called

How do you participate? Start planning on the site, organize something, and it is saved.

Change In Pizza Sales

by Ma’at

In the fifth and sixth grade class, all seventeen people discussed whether to get rid of pretzels because the profit was small and the sales were not big enough to be kept on the pizza sale menu. The fifth and sixth grade class also had a  complaint in the Miquon newsletter that a group of fourth graders wrote, that the people who order meat want to have the pepperoni pizza back on the pizza sales menu instead, swapping it for sausage pizza based on a survey they took. The fifth and sixth thought it was a good idea because the sales went down for meat pizza ever since we took pepperoni pizza off the pizza sales menu and switched it for sausage. Each pair of people that delivered their pizza went to the classroom and gave a survey to see if people admired pepperoni pizza more than sausage pizza. The fifth and sixth grade also has to come to a conclusion on what to fill in as the replacement for the pretzels.

Conference Week

by Finlay

Conference week is a couple weeks before winter break. A different teacher teaches your class when the teacher who usually teaches does parent conference.
The substitute teacher is usually a specialist, like for science, PE, library, music, and art. Sometimes it’s just a normal substitute. Last conference week the people leading it were Jeri, Shayna, and Mark. We do it so the teachers have time to talk to our parents. Conference week was really fun and exciting.

Winter Assembly

by Matthew & Julia


This year at winter assembly all the classes did awesome. The Japanese folktale was very long. There were also some microphone difficulties, but we think that we did well. The piano performances were amazing!

The winter assembly was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Germantown on December 22. Although the church was beautiful, the kids (including us) found it hard to see on the sides.

Back to School Breakfast

By Miles & Jules

Diane and Jeri’s class had a back to school breakfast on the first day back from winter break. For breakfast both fifth and sixth classes had: pancakes, sausages, corn muffins, clementines. We also had hot chocolate and orange juice to drink. With the pancakes we had maple syrup and jelly.

The pancakes and the sausages were made in Lynn and Mark’s class, but Diane and Jeri’s class made the hot chocolate. When we all got our food, we all went to Lynn and Mark’s classroom to eat.


by Nahla and Ethan

This December in art class, Diane & Jeri’s group are making candles. We make candles by dipping a wick into a melted pot of wax. (The wax is very hot and so we have to be careful.) If we dip it enough, we will end up with candles a little like these:


Part of the reason we make candles is for holiday gifts. We make them around Christmas time but lots of kids give them out at other holidays too.

After we make candles on our own, we make candles with our Nursery reading buddies. The fifth and sixth graders always take a class. Usually Lynn and Mark’s class takes the Kindergarten and our class takes the Nursery. It is kind of a tradition and when I was in Kindergarten I did it too. If our buddy was here we would walk up the hill to art with them, help them take off their coats and start making candles. But not all Nursery kids come all five days of the week so some of us didn’t have buddies. The extra people help take pictures. It was a lot of fun. We would stand in line with them to either make a red candle, which smelled like cinnamon, or a yellow candle, which smelled like vanilla. When it was your buddy’s turn you would walk up to the wax, and either you or your buddy would dip their candle into the wax. Eventually the wax added up and it was a big candle. I hope we can do it again some time soon.

The New Piano In Our Classroom

By Jakob

Just recently our teacher, Diane, got us a new electric piano with a bunch of settings that came with it, because her neighbor was giving it away in great condition after having it for 11 years. We are allowed to use it whenever we have free time and if it doesn’t annoy anybody. So far we have kept it in the same condition we got it in, and we all love playing it.

Our BAE Presentations

by Estella and Alden

On December 17th and 18th, Diane and Jeri’s class presented their BAE projects to the 4th graders, Lynn and Mark’s group, and many of our parents. In the November newsletter, kids wrote about what they studied in Southeastern Pennsylvania and how they did it. These presentations were a   result of our studies.

On the day of the presentations, everyone seemed delighted and excited to present their projects. That excitement continued in the room as the visitors arrived. Many people exclaimed that they loved our exhibits. Here are pictures of some presentations that we created:

<cite>Header image by Randi Hausken from Bærum, Norway (And then – November) [<a href=”″>CC BY-SA 2.0</a>], <a href=””>via Wikimedia Commons</a></cite>