Welcome to the New Year!

It was a great first day, if a bit rainy. So rainy, in fact, that our first boundary walk took place indoors, where the children collaboratively created a quick block representation of the Miquon campus and we toured it with our imaginations while discussing the expanded 5th/6th boundaries. On day two, we’ll connect it to a physical tour of campus, thus connecting two ways of knowing Miquon — in our mind’s eye and with our bodies.

The tone of the group and of our day together was positive, marked by a welcoming stance from the returning sixth graders to the rising fifth graders. We began a brand new routine, eating lunch with a change of ambience, and the change has been received enthusiastically so far, by children and adults.

We are busy, busy, busy — building the systems, routines, and boundaries that will lead to a successful year in which everyone can be included, connected, and productive. The importance of establishing those pieces in these first days and weeks can hardly be overstated.