Visualizing for Understanding

Understanding mathematical operations is about seeing and understanding how and why they work, not about taking someone’s word for it (a teacher’s, a friend’s, or a textbook’s). While all of that input can be helpful, there is nothing like making the discovery for yourself — constructing your own understanding — for making a concept stick […]

The Serious Business of Pizza Sales

Quite a lot of work goes into pizza sales, all of which is broken down into steps. Happily, half the class is made up of veterans to the process! Still, there’s a lot to keep in mind, to coordinate with your “pizza partner,” and to double check for accuracy. We presented our process in a […]

In the Loop

(Ed. On a regular basis, we’ll post a brief glimpse into something that happened in the room that week. At this time of year, these things are likely to be pieces of our routine or curriculum that will be regular features of the year.)   We play thinking games — activities that build our capacity […]

The Big Trip!!

It’s been three weeks since our wonderful trip. Hard to believe, since life at school went on so busily on our return. Enjoy the following description of our trip, written in collaboration by every child in the group. You’ll feel like a regular “fly on the wall.” Day 1 Diane and Jeri’s class has gone […]

As the Year Turned

(Editor’s Note – With apologies for the woeful lack of photographs…) Math By Miles For several months Diane and Jeri’s class have been mixed up with Lynn and Mark’s class to have math groups. We have math groups so we can collaborate with the other 5th/6th class.  We have math groups every morning except Friday. […]