Giraffes – by Jasper

How have giraffes adapted to their environment? My research can tell you all about that. You will learn about their appearance, habitat, and eating habits.

One of the first things you need to know about the giraffe is where they live. They live in open savannas mainly in Africa and have huge appetites. They are so huge, in fact, that they can eat entire branches with one bite.

Their necks are 70 inches long. That’s taller than me! The reason their necks are so long is because they have to be able to see over everything so they can spot far away predators and so they can eat high up acacia leaves, their favorite, as well as mimosa. Their legs are six feet long, which is also taller than me. They have a very distinct pattern on their fur that could help them camouflage. They also have long, blue tongues that they use to grab branches and eat them. That’s what’s called a prehensile tongue.

The savannas can be dangerous, that’s why they live in herds. Females will take turns looking after the young while the others go get water. Giraffes can go weeks without water, and sometimes they need to in order to escape predators. 

They can also run up to thirty five miles per hour. That’s faster than a horse! They’re that fast so they can get away from predators. Giraffes are always alert and when one sees a predator it warns all the others and they get ready to run. Predators of the giraffe include lions, leopards, and hyenas.

Now that you have read this you know everything I learned about giraffes. I hope you enjoyed reading this.